Monday, July 19, 2010

Church Parties... are fun...

Not long ago there was a Tweet that read, "The church has nothing to say to the world until they throw better parties,"... and I struggled with that for a little bit. Is the church's call/mission to throw parties? To entertain? To appease? Emphatically, no!

However, the quote still bothered me even as I tried to dismiss it... partly because- knowing the author- I dismiss half of what they say anyway.

Then, Saturday night, I sat watching a local band while people danced on the lawn, beers in hand, while money was being raised for the Make a Wish Foundation and thought, "What a great party... why isn't church more like that?"

I've heard people complain of tithing at church but have never heard someone say, "Why are those stupid charities always asking for money and trying to help people?" Or heard them wonder aloud why people make art and music... well, I did hear a lawyer say that once but (... just kidding, sort of).

So why are people confused on the mission of the church? Why are they unclear as to what is going on with tithing? If our call is to love each other, to go and make disciples, to go to those far from God then why AREN'T we throwing better parties? Why is the music on Sunday not like the music from Saturday night? Why aren't the people from Sunday morning throwing the party on Saturday night?

I am not providing answers but I really want a discussion. And, before anyone uses the verse, "Be in the world and not of the world," check out 1 John 2:16. Now, let's talk.


Kimber said...


Great post... I head to my hometown every other Thursday for an "Alive After 5" event and sometimes hang at a local coffee shop when they have a movie night, and I love to go to a local winery when they are having a Friday night event. I do these things, not because I'm a "party-er", but because it feels good to be around people being people... relaxing, winding down, sharing conversation, music, food, whatever... Just being a part of the human race! Not being contrived or wearing a mask, which is how I always feel/felt when involved in church.

I don't know who said to you that the church needs to throw better parties, but maybe what they meant was that the church needs to be a little less 'goal' oriented (how many came? how many made a decision? how many prayed or got baptized or did x, y, or z?) and a little more oriented towards true community... relaxing, winding down, allowing the mask come off without fear of judgment or condemnation...

Check out Deut 14:22-26

Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

Devin The PoetWarrior said...

The quote is actually from a Rob Bell Twitter. I believer I have actually come to buy it... in the sense that Jesus was accused of being a glutton, a drunk, and a friend of sinners (the last accusation always kills me because Jesus is- of course- a sinner's best friend).

... just don't tell the tee-totallers that Jesus drank- they claim it was grape juice.

lds54 said...

I have never thought that the church was there to entertain anyone. Fellowship and friendship yes. A group can not grow or be cohesive without postive interaction and growing relationships. In the direction this world in heading today Christians need to be working to be more cohesive than ever to bring others to Christ and welcome them in with a sense of belonging otherwise they will find that belonging and friendship elsewhere.