Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Does Rethinking Religion Mean??

I used to say I didn't like religion. I think I said it because I thought it was trendy or cool or sounded like I was more aware than other people. Not really good reason. That was until I found out what religion is and means.

The word "religion" (from its original Latin roots) means to "reconnect with God". Of course by saying we are "reconnecting" we must have- at some point at least- been "disconnected". And that is a pretty accurate description about how I have felt about God... actually how a lot of people have felt about God over the years. Disconnected. Like no matter what they did they couldn't get back to a place they had never been but had always known as home- the embrace of a Father.

Christianity is the epitome of religion- of reconnecting with God. So the title of this site is quite apropos: we are asking people- both those far and near to the Father- to rethinking how/why/if they are connecting the way they best can, should, or want to.

So come. Rethink the reconnection. It's waiting.

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