Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hope You Are Nearing Bottom

My friend Kenny says that my heart for those who are far from God is sometimes a lot bigger than my heart for those who claim to know him... hence my complete and utter disdain for almost all things Thomas Kincaid, Focus on the Family, or the 700 Club. I've gotten better over the past years but I came to understand my almost subconscious draw towards these people: those who are nearer to bottom tend to be more honest about their mistakes and need for grace. Don't believe me? Check out AA... or any support group for those who have royally screwed up.

I'm not saying the church doesn't have these people but rather that those who acted like they had their stuff together seemed to speak louder and more often.

The thing I am saying is I have come to realize how many horrible things people walk around with daily, trying to cover it up in normal and abnormal behavior. Teenagers tend to be the most obvious, covering their awkwardness, small bellies, insecurities, etc. in outrageous clothing, body piercings, and off-the-beaten-path music.

It seems like so many in my life are hurting, lost, and near bottom. I guess the thing I have noticed is the truth in the words that Jesus spoke, "Blessed are the poor in spirit." ... because they are near bottom, have no more reason to put up a brave front, and therefore are more likely to depend on my [His] grace.

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