Thursday, January 08, 2009

Poaching Wild Animals

The holidays, as always, had some enjoyable and some stressful moments in them. As the years have passed it seems more and more difficult to really come up with things you want for Christmas. It's not that you don't want stuff it's just if you really want something as an adult you go buy it... so the presents have gotten smaller in some ways but more significant. The same is true for the adults in my life- I know they can buy their own things so the things that I get for them tend to be more significant than expensive.

Really though, what I want more and more of, is quality time with the people in my life. I want coffee breaks, meals, movies, and events with them. I want to experience the life in the best and worst times, making memories with them and loving them when it is difficult and when it is easy. I desire this because family is like this and so I think true friendships are born the same way.

What I mean is that families are dysfunctional. All of them. In some way. And what makes a family great is their ability to talk through issues and not just bury them. There have been family get togethers where I could barely walk because of all the elephants seated in the room- those elephants being the secrets and issues that everyone has but no one is willing to either try and fix or even acknowledge.

There are two parts of the Bible that always come to mind as I think of relationships: the first is when Jesus is talking to a group and tells them if they have "somethings against their brother" they need to leave their sacrifice right there and go make it right; next is Romans, chapter 14, the Message translation says that correcting other believers "behavior" at the table of God is terribly rude.

The reason I pause in my mind at these two places is that in the new year I've determined to be better relationally and to do that I either need to fix issues faster (you know, maybe actually apply Jesus to my life :-) or get over it and tell my mind to shut up. The older I get the more I find not only that I want love people more but that to truly live as Christ has called us that I need to love people more.

May your community be a rich one... and best of luck if you decide to join me in hunting elephants.

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